Monday, March 30, 2015

Place-des-Arts' Esplanade Upgrade

A New Look for Place-des-Arts' Esplanade

Place des Arts announced today the start of major work on a complete reconfiguration of its Esplanade, which serves as a main gathering place for many Montreal festivals and millions of festival goers.

This project will cost 34.2 million dollars and will be completed in May 2018. It will be carried in three stages. The first stage will begin this year and will end in May 2016. The construction work will be done in such a way as to allow all the planned cultural activities to ran without interruption.

The reasons for the renovations of the Place des Arts Esplanade are the following: to open more space for the activities, to upgrade the infrastructure of water pipes and electrical wiring, to update the impermeability of the fountain as well as of the whole Esplanade in order to better protect the underground hallways and performance areas, and to make all the Place des Arts' building to stand out better. A special attention will be given to the lighting of the place and the buildings themselves to make the Esplanade more inviting. In addition, the Sculpture Garden next to the Museum of Contemporary Art, now behind a tall metal fence, will be opened up and renovated.

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