Friday, April 24, 2015

Marianne Ackerman: Triplex Nervosa

Centaur Theatre

Triplex Nervosa

By Marianne Ackerman

Directed by Roy Surette

April 21 to May 17, 2015
This is a cleaver comedy with some elements of suspense and even tragedy, the sharpness of which is mollified by the play's otherwise humorous tone. Set in the Montreal's Mile End trendy neighbourhood, it is mainly about art, property and the trials and tribulations of a nouveau hipster neighbourhood.

Tass, a young woman, puts her love of cello and a promising music career on hold. She maxes her five credit cards and buys a triplex in Mile End. Instead of an easy stream of cash to support her music endeavours, she gets a never-ending river of tenant and money issues, as well as building maintenance headaches which make her completely abandon her cello.

The play is also about relationships. Despite being so different and coming from diverse backgrounds, not even liking each other at times, the characters all unite in supporting Tass to go back to her talent and music.

This play would be of a special interest to those who have any type of an artistic talent yet get caught up in the issues of having to make a living through a regular job or a business venture, even a small-scale one like buying a triplex.

For more information, visit the Centaur theatre website.

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