Friday, March 27, 2015

Vittorio Rossi: The Envelope

Centaur Theatre
The Envelope
By Vittorio Rossi

March 24 - April 19, 2015

The Envelope is Vittorio Rossi’s tenth play produced at Centaur Theatre. This new play is about the celluloid film-dream factory and all its complications. It is satiric and quite engaging. Everything in The Envelope comes from Rossi's own experience in the Canadian film making process either as a screenwriter, director or actor. 
The main character Michael Moretti, a Canadian playwrite, movie scriptwriter and director, is torn between two offers: from an L.A. filmmaker and a local producer who dangles a multi-million dollar envelope from the Federal Film Fund. Michael confronts his personal ambition over loyalty and money over art. The Envelope reveals that Made in Canada movie projects generate more red tape than red carpet winners.

Most of the action happens in a local Italian restaurant. Three excited actors, whom Michael had offered not only stage roles but also the film ones, punctuate Michael's dilemma as two producers jockey for the film rights to his new play that is premièring at an Old Montreal theatre. 

The Envelope is of interest not only to the the general public, but especially to the Canadian actors, playwrites, scriptwriters and producers, all those who endeavour to  chase a cinematic dream and success.

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