Thursday, March 16, 2017

Centaur Theatre 49th Season

Centaur Theatre 2017-2018 Season
Applause & Ovation!

Yesterday, Centaur Theatre unveiled its 49th Season 2017-2018. The Centaur has a tradition to allot a metaphor for its seasons: the 47th season's metaphor was Luminousthe 48th season's Swept Away. This time, the upcoming season has received only a visual metaphor of clasping hands without any words, as seen in the poster above. Yet the image seems to proclaim very loudly, Applause & Ovation! Or more directly, We Live and Create for Your Appreciation, or Your Applause is our Reward. It is also a heartfelt applause for the Executive Director Roy Surette who is departing Centaur in June 2017, for his excellent years at the helm of Centaur, and also a welcoming applause for the new Executive Director Eda Holms.

Eda Holms was introduced by Roy Surette during the unveiling of the Centaur's 49th season. The American-born Holmes has been the Associate Director of the Shaw Festival since 2010. She was also involved with Factory Theatre and the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto. Everybody is now anticipating some creatively interesting times for Centaur Theatre.

Below are six unique plays Centaur Theatre is offering their audiences to experience in the 2017-2018 season. Click on the poster images to enlarge them to be able to read not only the names of the plays but also the names of their authors and directors, and the dates they will be performed.

Click on images to enlarge them, to read all the small print.

For more information on the present and future programs and activities, visit the Centaur Theatre website.

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