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Centaur Theatre 2017: BAKERSFIELD MIST

Centaur Theatre /48th Season
January 31 - February 26, 2017

The Canadian Premiere
In association with The Arts Club Theatre, Vancouver

Written by Stephen Sachs
Directed by Roy Surette

The play, inspired by true events, was a hit both in London’s West End and in Los Angeles. For its run in Montreal, the Centaur Theatre reunites two outstanding actors: Nicola Cavendish (who acted in Shirley Valentine, The Goodnight Bird, For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again) with her co-star of ten years ago, the multi-talented composer, pianist, lyricist, writer and actor, Jonathan Monro, who is making his Centaur debut in his newly adopted hometown Montreal.

The play explores the topic of the intrinsic value of art, its meaning, what constitutes a work of art, the high price tag attached to some works, why such works are venerated by ceratin people, especially the art world. Who and how decides that a work of art is superbe and higher in quality than thousands of other artistic expressions? Certainly not the regular public. How are those who evaluate art - the art connaisseurs - made, what influences their judgement of a work of art? Can one find real gems at a junkyard sale that will be recognized by the art world as of an exceptional value? Why only a few artists are chosen to represent the art history discourse, while the majority of painters, sculptors and a multitude of creative oeuvres go into oblivion?

The authenticity of art theme runs parallel to the authenticity of the personages. The play examines how people judge one another, how superficial their initial assessment of the other person could be, and how one can discover a meaningful human connection and understanding even under seemingly the most unlikely circumstances.

The play's action takes place in a kitsch-infested trailer park in Bakersfield, California. The hard-drinking, chain-smoking, down-and-out Maude Gutman is convinced she bought an unknown Jackson Pollock masterpiece worth millions at a junk shop for only three bucks. Now the question is whether Lionel Percy, the highbrow art expert she’s invited to authenticate it, will agree. A hilarious clash of cultures and classes ensures, and both Lionel and the audience gets a crash course on what makes art and people truly authentic.

The Director, Roy Surette, stated this about the play:
 “The play is very funny because these two people are so different from one another; they’re like the red and white clown icons. Through these two polar opposites, Stephen Sach’s deceptively simple script explores the much deeper issue of authenticity”. 
This is a very entertaining and meaningful play, with an especial value for those interested in art and the art world. A play not to be missed!

Cast: Nicola Cavendish and Jonathan Monro
Set & Costume Designer: Pam Johnson
Lighting Designer: Conor Moore
Sound Designer: Scott Zechner
Video Designer: Michael Sider
Stage Manager: Rick Rinder
Apprentice Stage Manager: Isabel Quintero Faia

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Chat Up
Sunday, February 5, 2017,  12:30 PM 

Join Lucinda Chodan, Montreal Gazette's editor in Chief as she investigates the possibilities of finding a real Jackson Pollock in a flea market, as well as the possibility of finding a fake one in our Museums!

Free coffee and biscotti, generously provided by Season Sponsor Bonaparte Restaurant.

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