Sunday, November 20, 2016

Salon du livre 2016 - René Derouin

René Derouin at Le Salon du livre de Montréal
Montreal Annual Book Show

November 16-21, 2016

This year, the very popular book faire at the Palce Bonaventure has a small gallery that showcases 10 books out of 12 written by the Quebec artist René Derouin, along with his three artistic creations and two more reproductions glued to the gallery's walls.

The books displayed also include two of Derouin's newest books which speak of Mexico. Derouin is a great lover of Mexico, of its culture and its people. His gallery is located right next to the Mexican pavilion. This year, Mexico is celebrated as a special guest of the Salon. 

The artistic corner dedicated to René Derouin is quite small and one could easily miss it if one plunges right into the centre of the exhibition hall filled to the brim with great quantities and varieties of books. Make sure you will not forget to visit it.

At the same time, the exhibition RAPACES - RAPTORS - RAPACES by René Derouin is presented at the Éric Devlin Gallery in Montreal from November 12 to November 27, 2016.

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