Thursday, March 24, 2016

Centaur Theatre 48th Season

Centaur Theatre 2016-2017 Season
Swept Away

Last week, the Centaur theatre unveiled the upcoming program for its 48th Season 2016-2017. Since Centaur allots a metaphor for ieach season (for instance, the present 47th season's metaphor is Luminous), the 48th season will be known as Swept Away. It will present three international hits and three Canadian successes which will transport the audiences to diverse worlds, offering them new ways of seeing things, events, and relationships.

The upcoming 48th season's program was presented by the Centaur Theatre's Director Roy Surette (on the right, image below), and the Director of Communications Eloi Savoie (on the left).

Below are six unique universes which Centaur theatre will offer to their audiences to explore and experience. Click on the poster images to enlarge them, in order to be able to read not only the names of the plays but also the names of their authors and directors, and the dates they will be performed.

Click on images to enlarge them.

Visit Centaur Theatre website for more information on the present and future programs, and other activities.

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