Friday, February 12, 2016

On This Day

Centaur Theatre
February 9 – March 6, 2016

Written by Alexandria Haber | Directed by Alain Goulem

Written and directed by a wife-husband team, this play stands out for touching on some core issues encountered in couples' relationships like fidelity-infidelity, differences in personal needs, goals, lifestyle aspirations, irritabilities towards each other, and even a somewhat aggressive and abrupt manner of talking to each other.

Although one of the five characters in the play, a young girl Grace, is not in a relationship, she is central to the plot as to holding the play's story line together, as well as a catalyst which indirectly helps to reveal the two couples' fallacies or strengths.

The play has both tragic and comic components which weave rhythmically through each other, helping to advance the narrative and on-stage acting. These mini-themes also ensure that the play becomes an enjoyable and even personalized experience with many elements for the audience to identify with.

“Relationships are very tricky and endlessly entertaining to explore for scripts, in my mind,” claims the playwright Alexandria Haber. “We’re pretty complicated and simple at the same time.”

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