Saturday, November 21, 2015

Prix Québec / Wallonie-Bruxelles 2015

For Children's Literature

Le Salon du livre de Montréal 2015 was marked yesterday by the Awards Ceremony for the prestigeous  PRIX QUÉBEC/WALLONIE-BRUXELLES for Children's Literature. The prize is given every two years concurrently to authors or illustrators from Quebec and also to those belonging to the French Community in Belgium. This award comes with a cash prize of $ 3,500 for the winners and an additional financial assistance of $ 6,000 to their publishing houses so that they can ensure the books' promotion and marketing in their respective region. This year, the award specifically targeted the category "First novel for beginning readers".

Mélanie Rutten and Alain M. Bergeron

The winners for PRIX QUÉBEC/WALLONIE-BRUXELLES 2015 were:

For Wallonie-Bruxelles, author and illustrator Mélanie Rutten for her book L'ombre de chacun (éditions MeMo).

For Québec, author Alain M. Bergeron and illustarator Pierre-Yves Cezard for the book Le géant qui sentait les petits pieds (éditions Québec Amérique).

Pierre-Yves Cezard

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