Friday, July 17, 2015

Park Jean-Drapeau Public Art Audio Guide

Park Jean-Drapeau Sculptures
Audio Guide

The Portrait Sonore organization, in collaboration with the Société du parc Jean-Drapeau, has just released a walking tour-documentary which helps to discover the park's public art in a lively, poetic and musical manner. This is a two hour, a cell phone facilitated stroll, a true “pocket report” with sound and music, that puts one in the midst of the Park Jean-Drapeau to discover 15 public art works spread out on St-Hélène and Notre-Dame islands.

The audio guide presents many eyewitnesses, creators and experts who explain the issues regarding the conservation of the works, the artistic considerations and values that led to their design, and the spirit of the era in which they were created when art became accessible to all.

The Jean-Drapeau park audio guide also features 15 musicians from Québec’s local music scene, each providing their own musical interpretation of an art work. This results is 15 original compositions that hone senses and inject new life into sculptures in a very personal manner. The musical selection was directed by composer Antoine DJ Champion and Diane Labrosse.

Portrait Sonore is an independent non-profit organization whose main mandate is using new technologies to better understand and experience the modern city, its art, and its architecture. Parc Jean-Drapeau/Public Art is part of a broader project on the modernization of the major Canadian cities. This initiative was led by architect Sophie Mankowski with the collaboration of Antoine Bédard and Serge Rhéaume (all three are co-founders of PORTRAIT SONORE).

In 2017, three major anniversaries will be celebrated: the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation, the 375th anniversary of the City of Montréal, and the 50th anniversary of Expo 67.  PORTRAIT SONORE is making a series of walking tour-documentaries about the history of the modernization of Canadian cities: Québec City, Toronto, Winnipeg, Québec, Vancouver, Halifax and Ottawa. From sea to sea, this project strives to contribute to the emergence of a modern, Pan-Canadian architectural awareness among the general public as it lends more visibility to bold but little-known works of art. It creates a bank of documentation and experts’ and Canadian creators’ accounts that are accessible to everyone. By 2017, all of these projects (and more) will be available and hosted on the PORTRAIT SONORE app, an intuitive application designed by graphic designer Serge Rhéaume.

The project has received support from the Canada Arts Council, the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Heritage Canada, the City of Montréal, and Parc Jean-Drapeau. 

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Access Portrait Sonore Parc Jean-Draperau Public Art guide here. At the end of the introduction, click on any sculpture on the map to continue your tour.

This free application will also be shortly available at the Google Apps Store. You can also download the application for iPhone or iPad here.

Access all Portrait Sonor projects here.

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