Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Montreal First Peoples Festival 2015

Présence autochtone
Montreal First Peoples Festival
25th Edition

July 29 - August 5, 2015

This year, the Montreal First Peoples Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary. This is a very popular festival, attended by many Montrealers and others from far away. Many are families with children.

In addition to the music and dance shows performed every day on the stage at the Place des Festivals, there will also be several performances by the Street Theatre on July 29 and 30, with the audience sitting on the steps seen in the photo above. Also, a number of films will be shown, both indoors, and outdoors at the Place des Festivals. This year the film selection has been especially vigorous and the films chosen are of exceptionally high quality and relevance.

One of the Montreal First Peoples Festival's attractions has been already launched today, more than a month before the start of the festival itself. It is an exhibition of Michel Depatie's art works, on display at the Maison de la Culture Frontenac between June 17 - August 22, 2015. The exhibition is entitled La Traversee/Ashu-takusseu. Below is a photo of the exhibition area.

In the photo below, Michel Depatie is posing next to his work called Autoportrait. It represents not only a portrait of himself but also of a multitude of First Nation People whose images were brought together to create this very impressive digital print on paper.

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To learn more about Michel Depatie's La Traversee/Ashu-takusseu visit the Ashu-takusseu project's website:

For more information on the Montreal First Peoples Festival, all its activities, films and dates, visit the festival's website:

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