Wednesday, August 27, 2014

World Press Photo 14: Montreal 2014

World Press Photo 14

August 27- September 28, 2014

This year, once again, the Montreal World Press Photo 14 will be held at the Bounsecure market in Old Montreal. The selection of the photos is wide, and permits a visitor to see the best of the Press Photo selections in many categories.

The sport section is well represented. Just below are photos of Erza Show, USA, Getty Images, who won the 2nd Prize Sports Action Stories. His photos portray the 34th America's Cup which was held in San Francisco Bay in September 2013.

The three photos below are by Quinne Roney, Australia, Getty Images, who won the 3rd Prize Sports Action Stories by capturing photos during swimming championships.

Next photos are by Rena Effendi, Azerbaijan, Institute for National Geographic. She merited the 3rt Prize in Observed Portraits Story. Her stories are situated in Transylvania, Romania, and speak of everyday activities.

Elena Chernyshova, Russia,  won the 3rd Prize Daily Life Stories. Her photos show the life in Norilsk, in northern Russia, the second largest city within the Arctic Circle. The harsh realities of the winter, when temperature drop to -50 degrees Centigrade, comes to the full focus. It is contrasted with a photo that depicts an appreciation of a very brief summer.

Two photos below depict the animal world. They show a remarkable, human-like facial and gestural expressions of Banabos monkeys. The photos are by Christian Ziegler, Germany, for National Geographic. They won 3rd Prize Nature Stories.

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